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The Drought

Screenwriter:  Robert A. Pokrywka

Genre:  Raunchy Romantic Comedy


Two guys decide to take their sexually frustrated best friend to Vegas to

get him laid. Only when they get there and he meets someone he actually

likes, their plans get in the way.


The List

Screenwriter:  Robert A. Pokrywka

Genre:  Romantic Comedy


A naïve, young man discovers his girlfriend not only has, but acts on her “celebrity cheat” list, spiraling him into a series of events that makes him finally take notice of the one girl he’s always overlooked.

Request for Proposal

Screenwriter:  Robert A. Pokrywka

Genre:  Romantic Comedy


A young advertising exec gets carried away and has a impetuous one-night stand. She thinks she’ll never see the guy again – until Monday morning – when she has to present a pitch to her prospective new client – him.


Screenwriter:  Robert A. Pokrywka

Genre:  Psychological Thriller


IA psychology professor begins receiving emails regarding death from old friends in different places, only to find out that they’ve been murdered the very same day. As the bodies mount, the only link seems to be her, so she enlists the help of an FBI agent who knows the killer is closer than she thinks.

Screenwriter:  Robert A. Pokrywka

Genre:  Christmas Comedy


The top recruit of Santa's top-secret organization is forced to work with a former agent to help him return to his glory years. But when the young recruit breaks the rules and gets too involved with a single mom and her son, he exposes not only the organization, but the secret of Santa himself. Now the two of them have to work together or the magic and mystery of Christmas will be lost forever.

Secret Santa

Screenwriter:  Robert A. Pokrywka

Genre:  Romantic Comedy


When an idealistic young man is made to look like a cheater on a nationally televised reality dating show, he quickly becomes America’s most hated bachelor, which complicates things when he really does meet the girl of his dreams.

Get Real
The Valet

Screenwriter:  Robert A. Pokrywka

Genre:  Teenage Thriller


To impress a girl, a teenage valet borrows a car from the restaurant where he works, only to discover the body of the recently murdered mayor. Framed for the murder, he has to uncover a conspiracy that may lead him right back to that very same office.

Screenwriter:  Robert A. Pokrywka

Genre:  Romantic Comedy, Short


After seeing a girl he’s had a crush on with her boyfriend, a young art director throws down a few too many drinks at the company holiday party, when he wakes up he discovers he did more than just drinking  and sets out to right everything that went wrong.

Holiday Party Hangover
Big Game Block

Screenwriter:  Robert A. Pokrywka

Genre:  Comedy, Short


A young man’s favorite football team finally made the Big Game. It’s a day he’ll always remember, but a “quick” errand and an ornery grandmother, might just turn it into a night he’d rather forget.


Screenwriter:  Robert A. Pokrywka

Genre:  Sitcom


An unemployed writer takes a job at a local men’s magazine as the author of a “what women like in men” article, writing from a woman's point of view. Problem is, he has no idea what women like, so he befriends a hotshot, chick-magnet photographer, who teaches him what women really want to help him write his article.

Rough Draft
Mid-wife Crisis

Screenwriter:  Robert A. Pokrywka & Connie Johnson

Genre:  Teenage Thriller


Following a divorce, a young midwife, caught between traditional and modern medicine,  juggles her career delivering babies and her dysfunctional, off-beat family with her return to the dating world.

Linked Coming Soon 

Get Real Coming Soon 

Holiday Party Hangover

Coming Soon 

Big Game Block Coming Soon 

Rough Draft Coming Soon 

Mid-wife Crisis Coming Soon 

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