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Request for Proposal

Presentations have always been something to make me nervous. Whether it’s speaking in front of a class of five hundred, or two people. It’s not the speaking part that throws me off; rather it’s what is at stake. A bad grade, a concept rejected or possibly losing a new client. That’s what led me to write REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL. It’s a sweet romantic comedy that answers the question:


What if your one-night stand was your company's last stand?


REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL is a light-hearted romantic comedy about Nicole Collins, a late twenty-something advertising executive in Detroit who, after years of drama, just had her divorce finalized. That’s where our story starts. Nicole’s two good friends ALEX and DANI take her out to celebrate. But when Nicole meets MATT that celebration goes too far and she ends up in his hotel room overnight. When she wakes she can hardly remember anything, but it all comes flooding back to her when she steps into her business pitch with Davis Electronics on Monday morning, because staring across the conference room table is noted playboy Matt Davis, her prospective new client.


Complicating things, Nicole learns that her advertising agency just lost their biggest client, so Matt and his company are the only things that can save the company and her co-workers' jobs. Nicole’s boss, PALMER, assigns Nicole to take Matt around town to learn what he's all about. As the two of them take in some hotspots in Metro Detroit, she suprisngly discovers that Matt’s playboy reputation might just be a media-made thing, and the two start falling for each other.


But when Matt’s reputation rears its ugly head and he finds out he was “just” an assignment to Nicole, the two go their separate ways romantically. Now, with the her company's future and her relationship in the balance, Nicole has to do something fast or risk possibly losing both.


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