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The List



A naive, young man discovers his girlfriend not only has, but acts on her “celebrity cheat” list, spiraling him into a series of events that makes him finally take notice of the one girl he’s always overlooked.



The List is about BRANDON TURNER, a young man who does everything he’s supposed to. He’s so set in his routines that the Subway sandwich girl, his best friend ASHLEY, has his sandwich ready before he gets there. Brandon and his girlfriend, KELLIE, fly in Hawaii for a romantic vacation. But when action star JACK SUTTON propositions Kellie, Brandon discovers his girlfriend actually has and acts on her celebrity cheat list. Brandon tries to forgive her and it happens again back home this time with the lead singer of a band. Distraught, Brandon falls into the arms of his best-friend, both a sandwich artist and real artist who has always had a crush on Brandon. The two start to get close, but when Brandon decides he’s going to tell her how he feels, she meets a gallery owner who Brandon feels wants more than just to display her art, so he decides not to tell her and instead does what he’s supposed to by taking a prospective client out on the town. But when the client starts talking about taking chances, Brandon realizes where he should actually be and sets out on a cross-city adventure to get to the gallery before it closes.

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