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The Drought



Two guys decide to take their sexually frustrated best friend to Vegas to get him laid. Only when they get there and he meets someone he actually likes, their plans just get in the way.



Last year I went to Las Vegas. And if you haven’t been to Vegas, it’s the people-watching Mecca of the world. I was just observing and thought how many people actually go there, just to get laid. You see the guys dressed to the nines. The girls that come back holding their shoes at six in the morning. Everyone seems to have one thing on their mind.

The Drought is a raunchy, romantic comedy about Andrew, a down on his luck young man who hasn’t had sex since his divorce four years ago. When his two buddies, Chris and Derek take him to Vegas to get him laid, Andrew decides to go, not knowing what they have in store for him. When they get to Vegas, Andrew meets Karen, a straight-laced workaholic, who is there for her sister’s bachelorette party. But when Andrew and Karen start getting close, Chris and Derek’s plans to get Andrew laid, get in the way, sending Karen home early in tears. Andrew now must figure out a way to get her back, in spite of the fact that he has no idea how to get a hold of her.

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