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Mid-Wife Crisis


Inevitably when someone reaches their late thirties, a mid-life crisis is looming. There are challenges in every day. Whether it’s a divorce, a dysfunctional family, or trouble at work, everyone goes through it. But no one quite like Molly. As a midwife, Molly adds the pressure of impending births, fending of the stereotype of a midwife and finding her self in increasingly stressful yet hilarious situations that no one ever dreamed possible. It’s not a mid-life crisis, but a MIDWIFE CRISIS.


“Midwife Crisis” is a new one-hour dramedy series that takes a funny and interesting look inside the life and thoughts of Molly her family, friends and Dr. Killjoy, the only OB/GYN who doesn’t want to tar and feather her for helping to bring babies into this world.


Each week Molly is thrown headfirst into her day. She goes through the typical trials and tribulations any woman goes through, balancing life, dating, career and a few wacky family members.  But as if dealing with a recent divorce and a crazy family isn’t enough, being a midwife makes things even more complicated. And whether it’s a phone call in the middle of the night that someone is in labor, or just her reflecting on her life, career, failed marriage or future, it’s pretty clear that for Molly life pretty much happens and she’s just along for the ride.


Still, Molly embraces life almost as much as her Manolo Blahnik’s. She balks at the sterotypes of her trade: Patchouli smelling, non-armpit shaving, tie-dye wearing hippes that smile their way through life in a herb-induced haze. She’s determined to work with medical community although they consistently shun entry midwifery as a legitimate practice. And has even formed a solid working relationship with the handsome OB/GYN Dr. Killjoy, even if it didn’t start out that way.


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