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Secret Santa



The top recruit of Santa's top-secret organization is forced to work with a former agent to help him return to his glory years. But when the young recruit breaks the rules and gets too involved with a single mom and her son, he exposes not only the organization, but the secret of Santa himself. Now the two of them have to work together or the magic and mystery of Christmas will be lost forever.



Christmas is a magical time. Growing up we believed. We believed in Santa Claus, elves. flying reindeer. And we believed in the magic and mystery of Christmas, even though we never saw the big guy himself. Now, it’s not enough to just believe, people want proof. But what would happen if word ever got out that there really was a Santa? He would be hounded by paparazzi, Christmas would become even more commercialized, sensationalized. Thousands of years of Christmas magic and mystery would be lost in what could be a single event.


That thought is what made me create The Naughty or Nice Intelligence Agency. What if it wasn’t magic, but technology and a vast network of spies around the world that work for Santa Claus. They look just like us. Act just like us, might even be your neighbor. They are trained to protect the magic and mystery of Christmas and report back to Santa Claus whether children are naughty or nice. They observe and report. And have only one golden rule: Never get involved with the people they’re reporting back on, so they can be fair and impartial.


Secret Santa is a holiday romantic comedy about CLARK, the top recruit of Santa’s secret organization the Naughty or Nice Intelligence Agency who is assigned to GRIZZ, a former agent, to help him relive his glory years. When Clark meets KAT and her 8-yr. old MAX, Clark gets too involved, and to help him feel better, even tells Max his real profession. But when Max tells his Dad, investigative reporter JULIO FRANCO, the magic and mystery of Christmas becomes compromised as Julio sets out to prove there is a Santa Claus. Now, Clark and Grizz have to work together to help maintain the mystery of Santa, in spite of the fact that Julio Franco has setup a nationally broadcasted sting operation to prove Santa is real and a team of elfin ninjas have been sent to bring them back to the North Pole.

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