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The Play-Ahhs

Ethan Bradford – The Bad Ass

Ethan is the tattooed lead singer of The Play-ahhs. Ethan started singing at the age of 6. And after winning the Star Search Youth Singer competition with an unprecedented four stars, Ethan moved on to star in hit plays on and off Broadway. Unfortunately, not everything was rosy. Ethan found that fame had it's dark side, as he turned to pancakes. People would throw pancakes at him at shows even. Then after eventually ballooning up to 300 lbs. at age 18. Ethan decided to do something about it. And returned to form by 2008.


Known for his incredible vocal range, Ethan has experimented in different genres (Rock, Pop, Ska, Folk, Rap). But it was when he met Bryce Walters that he found his true calling, as the lead singer for the boy band group, THE PLAY-AHHS. Now on the cusp of releasing their first single, The Light Looks So Good On You, Ethan is once again staring fame and pancakes in the face and sayin', "Bring it, Bro."


FUN FACT: Once ate the entire stack of 22 Silver Dollar Pancakes at the Original House of FlapJacks.





Bryce Walters – The Wordman

At age 2 Bryce wrote his first song, "Ga-Ga-Ga, La-La-La." Unfortunately, no one heard it but his parents. However, it laid the ground work for an amazing career. Bryce moved to New York City when he was 6. Left to fend for himself, he started writing songs for homeless people to sing while around trash can fires. Songs like "Will Work for Food," "That Trash is my Treasure, " and "Home Box Home." Unfortunately, most people never heard these songs either. But the homeless people made enough money from people passing by to send Bryce to NYU. There Bryce met Ethan Bradford. An amateur photographer/dancer/singer/mascot at the time. Inspired by the way Ethan lost 200 lbs. Bryce started writing. And when finished, The Light Looks So Good On You was born.


Finally, Bryce's words will be heard by people worldwide, and as the release of their very first song comes to fruition, Bryce wears gloves with no fingers as a tribute to those homeless men and women that got him off the streets. And occasionally, sometimes, when he feels like it, he still visits them.


FUN FACT: Likes when people call him Wall•E





Theo Rhodes – The Tough Guy

Born and raised on the tough streets of a plush suburban Detroit city, Theo never had anything easy. Born Theodore Raymond Rhodes III, Theo had to fight for his tough guy status every day of his life. Taught the way of the street by his butler and nanny, Theo has been hardcore since he was 18. He honed his rapping skills on the battleground of many a suburban Detroit coffeehouse. Often winning in landslide fashion.


One day, Bryce Walters walked in for a Carmel Machiatto and was transformed by the tough lyrics Theo Rhodes unleashed. After meeting with Theo backstage over a Vivianno smoothie, Bryce was able to convince him to join the group. Now, Theo known for his baseball hat, is the tough guy of the Play-ahhs, often injecting his rap sensibility into each song.


FUN FACT: Saw 8 Mile, 350 times. And is believed to inspire the lyric about "Heading to 16 Mile Rd."


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