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The Valet


What if a teenage valet “borrowed” a car from the restaurant where he worked, only to discover a body in it?


The Valet is a story about a small-town teenage valet, SEAN TURLEY, who tries to impress a girl, KATIE, by “borrowing” a large, luxury SUV from the restaurant where he works. After finally connecting with his dream girl at a party and dropping her off at home, he gets into a minor accident. He then relies on his slacker friend, KEVIN, to try to help him get the vehicle fixed and back to the restaurant before anyone notices.


Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse. As the SUV is being repaired, a gruesome discovery is made in the back. The body of a recently murdered, middle-aged man, that turns out to be the controversial mayor of the small town.


Fingered as the main suspect, the teenage valet goes on the run from police. The Deputy Mayor, (who happens to be Katie’s uncle) says that he can help alleviate the misunderstanding and clear Sean’s name. Sean finally agrees to a secret meeting, but the Deputy Mayor’s true motivations are revealed as he tries to kill Sean because he believes he can identify the owner of the SUV and thereby turn the Deputy Mayor in.


Now on the run from both the police and the killer, Sean finds out Katie has been taken as a pawn to lure him out. As Sean tries to track her down, he gets captured by the two detectives assigned to the case. But it seems one detective is hiding a horrible secret.


Sean convinces the detectives to go with him after Katie. Only when they get there, a larger conspiracy is revealed. But Sean has a surprise of his own, Kevin is waiting with a camera to video the whole thing. Now with no one to help them, Kevin, Katie and Sean have to try to get out – alive.





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