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A psychology professor begins receiving emails regarding death from old friends in different places, only to find out that they’ve been murdered the very same day. As the bodies mount, the only link seems to be her, so she enlists the help of an FBI agent who knows the killer is closer than she thinks.



Linked is a psychological thriller about TRACY FORD, who became a psychology professor at Northwestern University after one of her patients committed suicide. When Tracy starts receiving emails from old friends with odd quotes about death, she finds out the people who allegedly sent the emails have died in different places within 24 hours of the email being sent. Not sure what this means, Tracy enlists the assistance of an FBI agent on the case. But as the murders add up and start getting closer to home, realizes she might not just be the link, but the target. With both her boyfriend and student becoming suspects, Tracy’s not sure who she can trust. Now she has to find out the real killer and what he wants before she becomes the next victim, even though the FBI agent seems to know more than he’s letting on.

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