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The Who's Who of Rough Draft



The local low-budget men’s magazine known for their articles on fashion, sports, and scantily clad photo shoots of women. They’ve added a new wrinkle to the pages, a “What Women Like About Men” article, but unbeknownst to its loyal readers, they have a man writing the article – Andrew Moore. 



Andrew is a recently unemployed writer, who takes the only job he can find writing a “what women like in men” article. Andrew is the consummate “nice” guy. He often gets walked on because of it. He wants to one day write a sports column, but until now he’s stuck in the “Ladies’ Room.”



Chris is Maximum’s hotshot photographer. His badass attitude comes through in his tattoos, I-don’t-care-what-you-think hair and pretty much everything else. He often has models falling over him, but, the truth is Chris only has eyes for Jordan. Who seems to be the only one able to deflect his charm and charisma. So instead of Jordan it’s his dog, Honey, that helps keeps him company.



Jordan is second in charge at Maximum, but still does a lot of the work. She’s tough, as evident by her artful use of sarcasm. But why is she tough? Jordan has been through a lot in her life and it makes her put up a wall. She sees Chris’ advances as him just trying to put another notch on his belt.



Derek is a dry, sarcastic guy at work, but the consummate family man outside of the office. Married with two children, Derek looks at Chris as his wild side, and often yearns for some of Chris’ freedom, but realizes that his responsibilities (Sydney and

their two kids) are more important. He loves video games, and often uses the things he learns in the games out in real life.



Stephanie doesn’t make an appearance until Episode 4: The Wedding, but when she does, she shakes up Andrew’s world. Stephanie’s an old friend from college that Andrew was good friends with, however, he seems like he’s always wanted to be something more.  While she seems to be the sweetest, nicest person, Stephanie has a secret that she’s hiding from Andrew and even her own family.



Tomas is as flamboyant as his name might suggest. Maximum fashion editor, Tomas sees things through chartreuse colored glasses, but he’s no push over, He loves his job and more importantly his hair. To the point, where he tries to do anything he can to get Chris’ closer parking spot. Even if it means getting Chris fired.



Tom is Maximum’s editor, while he’s good at what he does, he would rather be playing video games. And Tom’s virtual world has become so real for him, he’ll often be seen acting out his Wii games. Whether it’s pretending to be in a boat, while fishing or knickers for golf, Tom takes his gaming very serious.



To say guy is old-fashioned would be the understatement of the decade. He still wears his crumpled old fedora with “Scoop” on the hat. He’s a very private man and thinks many of his coworkers are just plan nuts. He still writes the sports for Maximum, but seems to just be phoning it in until retirement.



Steve is a well-known agent in town, yet he has bigger things planned, like starting his new studio in New York with his two good photographer friends.



Chris’ dog, Honey is a young German Shepherd that is pretty much the only girl that stays with him through thick and thin.



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