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Chrysler Town & Country





Town & Country short film


Organic, Inc.


Concept, writing script,

writing module voiceovers, animations, managing vendors


Chrysler wanted to promote their new iteration of the minivan and rebound from slumping sales.



Create an experience that would show a family using the minivan like everyone else would use the minivan on a road trip.



We created a robust section of the site for Town & Country, using videos, animations, voiceover and copy to tell the story of the new minivan. We created a 3-minute long movie that showed a family interacting with all the new features of the minivan while taking a road trip from home to their cottage. We also created individual modules that detailed each feature with copy and voiceover. The result was a boom in minivan sales – 72% at retail. And our footage was used in several different outlets, including dealerships, Regis & Kelly contest footage and even Chrysler’s Dish Network channel.

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