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Town & Country 25th Anniversary

Organic, Inc.
Town & Country 25th Anniversary sitelet
Responsible for:
Concept, writing, managing vendors.


Chrysler wanted a module within their current site that would promote the new minivan and pay homage to the 25 years leading up to this iteration.



Create a homepage module that allowed users to explore the minivans new features without leaving the page, along with creating a virtual timeline commemorating the first 25 years.




Our 25th Anniversary Edition Town & Country interactive homepage, allowed users to see, at a glance, some of the new innovations that the 2009 Town & Country had. A 25th Anniversary logo in the lower right corner held the navigation – exterior features, interior features and 25 years of innovation. For the exterior and interior, feature cards were displayed around the vehicle. To get more information on a feature, the user could click the card and it would flip, revealing more detail. The 25 years of Innovation section was an interactive timeline, allowing users to explore the various “firsts” of the Town & Country.

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