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Team Detroit
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Oversaw all production, led creative direction, writer

Cadillac Handraiser Management Program


Develop a email program that would target vehicle-specific handraisers of Cadillac.



Create a four-touch responsive email program that helps move hanrdraisers down the purchasing funnel based on behavior. Ensure email works as well on mobile as it does on desktop browsers.



We built a fully responsive, module-based template that allowed us to switch out stories effortlessly if needed. Each touch included a primary call to action and several secondary ones. The emails weren't completely linear, they were actually crafted to receive a different touch, depending on what part of the email the handraiser interacted with. The emails were also designed to be responsive, so one template worked for both desktop and mobile.


In all, I led a team of four different art directors and three copywriters to create four touches for 13 different vehicles. The touches were: PRODUCT, BUILD YOUR OWN, REQUEST A QUOTE AND OFFER. Each email had a template nature for the main call to action, but different module based on the vehicle features. A set of promo tile shopping tools moved the handraiser further down the funnel.


The template has gone on to become the guide for all Cadillac email moving forward, so every type of communication had to be accounted for while designing it.

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