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Ford Motor Company
Latcha + Associates
Discover Your Ford
Responsible for:
Concept, writing, producing, directing and talent


WIth so much technology in Ford vehicles, and a pandemic limiting dealer interaction, Ford turned to us to deliver a program that educated new owners on all of the little things their vehicle can do. 



Create a robust program for the four newest Ford vehicles that includes Quick Tips (short one-feature videos), Feature videos (a collection of related features) and livestreams (so people can get questions answered live).



In a little over 6 months, we created over 28 videos per vehicle with a host that included three different types of learning. Quick Tips with supers and music that were anywhere from :25-:45 seconds. Feature videos that allowed owners to get to know a certain set of features that ranged from 2:00-6:00 minutes and live broadcasted shows that had our talent deliver a walkaround while answering questions from the audience. 

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