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Ram HD Experience




Ram HD Experience


Organic, Inc.


Concept, writing,

managing vendors.


Ram was breaking away from the Dodge brand to become its own brand and they wanted to make a splash with

their new and highly acclaimed Ram Heavy Duty.



Create a microsite that showcases the new Ram Heavy Duty as well as hint at the overall new brand direction, while still showcasing features in a unique interactive way.



Under an extremely tight deadline, we worked with an outside vendor to concept and create

the microsite. We came to an agreement on what amounted to a carousel of features, showcasing

the most important categories of the Ram Heavy Duty – Exterior, Interior, Capabilities and

Truck of the Year.


The user was greeted to the site by full-screen video that utilized imagery and attitude from the

new Ram brand. Once inside, users could flip through images, videos and even interactive modules

to help display features.

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