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Chrysler Aspen Hybrid


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Organic, Inc.


Concept, writing interactive pieces, writing voiceovers, scripting out animations, managing vendors.


Chrysler was making it’s first foray into hybrid vehicles with a large SUV. They wanted something to not only promote the vehicle, but talk about their other green initiatives.



Create a microsite that spoke about this emerging technology in a fun, informative manner.


The Hybridtologist. Simply put, it’s a person who puts two things together to makes something even better. We created our hybridtologist to explain the hybrid technology of the new Aspen Hybrid. A vehicle that was both powerful and now fuel efficient. We used a variation of the periodic table to navigate and HV-9 (a hybird video camera and hummingbird) to display the vehicle. By flipping through HV-9’s various modes, the user could get information on the exterior, the interior and the hybrid powertrain.


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