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Get Real



When an idealistic young man is made to look like a cheater on a nationally televised reality dating show, he quickly becomes America’s most hated bachelor, which complicates things when he really does meet the girl of his dreams.



Get Real is a romantic comedy about DEREK KING, a hopeless romantic who gets picked to be on a reality dating show. When Derek is first on the show everything seems great, in fact, he’s one of the early frontrunners. But when the producers fix things to boost ratings, Derek is caught in the middle as they edit footage to make it look like he cheats on the girl, sending him home. Derek now has to return home and deal with the fact that everyone thinks he’s an immoral, unethical cheater. Because of this, he lost his job, his apartment and receives disdain from just about everyone. That is until he meets ANGIE POWERS. Angie never saw the show and starts seeing Derek for who he really is. But when a videotaped encounter happens between Derek and the girl he allegedly cheated with, Angie breaks off their relationship, demoralizing Derek. Now, Derek’s best friend JON has concocted a plan to go to LA and have Derek appear on the reunion show, while he uncovers the real footage and clears Derek’s name, even though they have no idea where to start when they get there.


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